The Best Swing Ever

Every morning on the way to work
I find my favorite swing
That sets on the slope
Of a big, beautiful, grassy
extinct volcano mountainette.
The swing set is tall,
Maybe four people tall,
With two swing seats.
Eagerly I get that swing moving
Faster and farther until
That thrilling moment when
I sail so far out that it seems
The ground drops out from under me,
And I'm Flying!
Each revolution pulls me further back,
then catapults me forward over that hill,
out into the sky - 
Things look tiny down below!
The wind force is strong,
But I break right through it 
With my hair flying back
And my feet reaching up.
I can't wait to ride my swing again!
It's all glory!  It makes me so alive and happy!
'Where is this swing?' you may wonder.
It's on Mount Tabor in Portland, Oregon,
But I get to it easily in my car on the way to work
Every time I listen to the classical music piece called
Die Fledermaus.
The music sets the stage,
And my memory does the rest.
Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II. It’s only a portion of the song, but I think you’ll know it when you hear it.

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