How asking questions got me back on track

I was doing my work as quickly as possible, yet my co-worker had already finished hers and was relaxing in the other room. I worked fervently, all alone, for some time. I could feel myself getting angry. I didn’t want to suffer all the negative effects of anger, so I stopped and asked myself some questions.

What’s wrong?

It’s not fair that I have more work!

Don’t you like your work?

Well, yes. I really do like it.

Would you feel better if someone came and finished this work for you?

Well, no. I enjoy the satisfaction of finishing my work and knowing I did a good job. I take pride in my accomplishments.

Then “having more work than her” doesn’t seem to be the problem. What is it that you want?

I feel all alone, and I don’t like that. She shouldn’t leave me all alone. (I feel silly. I sound like a child.)

Would you like to take a break and just go chat with her and enjoy her company? (This question seemed to come more from God than from me.)

Actually, that sounds good. It sounds refreshing. I’ll go see if she’s feeling up to having some company. The work can wait. There’s freedom here to take a break right now.

I find it amazing that I thought I was angry, but upon questioning, I discovered that I was just needy. I thought I was suffering an injustice, but really I was just lonely. I felt a battle coming on, but it turned out to be a desire for companionship.

I joined my co-worker and said, “I just want to take a break and chat with you for a few minutes. Is that okay with you?” I told her that I was starting to feel lonely, and she was surprised, but glad that I came seeking her company. I am not a talker, so I asked her how things are going for her, and she was happy to tell me. I thanked her for a nice break and left feeling rejuvenated, ready to finish my work, praising God for his help in asking myself questions.

Feel free to share any courteous comments and thoughts. Thanks.

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