What’s Next For Me?

A goal, a dream, a desire
Do these belong to me?
Currently I am striving
To patiently wait for thee

I live to serve you Darlin’
But the things you really need
Are things I cannot give you
So I wish you all God-speed

While you give it all you’ve got
To brave the risky way
I am here to cheer you on
And listen to all you say

You have a dream and a desire
You seek like-minded men
What exactly am I seeking?
Have I lost my way again?

Is there a goal of my own?
In which direction am I reaching?
My little daily tasks cannot
Live up to this high teaching

To entertain myself
I consider your lofty thoughts…
I remember an old dream
In which I had my Have-Nots

What I Have-Not is a voice that sings
As clear as a church-bell chime,
An imagination that makes music,
A feel for rhythm, an ear for time

My dream is so much bigger
And higher than I can be
That I lose all my desire,
Yet Desire is the Key

1. I desired my Creator
And found his love so free;
2. I desired you, my darlin’
Now you’re devoted to me;
3. I desired to have children
And was blessed with three;

Now I see the pattern,
Now I understand
If I have it All within me
Then it doesn’t seem so grand

What I truly want and wish for
Is out of my control
I have part of the equation
But need God to make it whole

With this lesson understood
I shall rethink my position
If my dream is making music
Pray, God make me a musician

And while I wait expectantly
For this ‘miracle’ to happen
I can work on rhyme and rhythm
I can get my fingers snappin’

I can do my part to listen

To the voice of my own soul
It will be given from above
As I learn to let it flow

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