I Want to Fly

The last time I saw the stars in the sky
Was 20 years ago (big sigh!)
Stars were falling every few seconds
A heavenly meteor shower beckoned
          I want to fly!
The last time I looked out over the great Columbia River
Was 25 years ago (makes me shiver)
Every time I see that expanse
I feel the pull to take a chance
          I want to fly!
The last time I flew a kite
Was 40 years ago (that’s right)
Such graceful, delightful dips and turns…
By now you’ve pretty much learned
          I want to fly!
The last time I was swung ’round hand-to-hand
Was 50 years ago (it was grand!)
Weightless, free
Soaring, wheeee!
          I want to fly!
A swing is the closest I’ve ever been
To actually flying through the air (makes me grin)
It’s always tempting to just let go and sail
But Ouch!! The landing – Oh!! The wail…
          I want to fly!
          But I’ll not try

This poem reminds me of a time when a swing really did make me fly.
I was four or five years old, swinging on the kind of swing that has a 
handle for hands which extends also down to the feet.  It's like a pump
I guess, and as the handle is pushed back and forth by feet and hands,
it propels the swing.  I was inexperienced and didn't know that one can
go too far up, to the point where the handlebar pushes down past the
dinosaur head decoration. Well, that's exactly what I did, not knowing
the meaning of the word limits, and I went flying off that swing and
landed face first in the sand pit across from the swing set.  I was 
astonished, wondering what just happened! I learned to respect the 
limitations of swings, haha.

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