The Wait

Restless activity,
low productivity;
Hard to sleep,
trying to keep
Peace of mind
while feeling inclined
To fear the worst,
like your heart will burst;
Because of the weight
of the long, lonely Wait.

One waits for a job offer
As unemployment empties the coffer.
One waits for college acceptance,
Hoping their chosen path will commence.
One waits for blood-work findings
As their pain keeps on grinding.
One waits for biopsy results;
Braving the unknown like an adult.

All feel fragile and nervous,
Needing our sympathy, support and service.
Having a friend by their side
Can turn the tide
Of fear, anxiety and depression,
Giving their fears and hopes expression,
Assured that we care
Because their burden we share
Through the long, lonely Wait.

Speaking of waiting, I haven’t been able to create a poem every day lately, and it feels like too long a time between poems!

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