The Snake Mistake

Over the years
I developed fears
Of a certain snake
Who likes to make
Our garage the place
Of discreet efface,
Shedding its skin
Bursting out from within,
Leaving its legacy
To haunt and menace me;
What could go wrong
With a snake five feet long?
Might it someday roam
Right into my home...
Through narrowest stricture...
You get the picture?
So today, I chanced
To look up - yes I glanced
At the spot where I found
The snake-skins abound.
And, you guessed it, Behold!
The actual live snake of old!
Come once again
To grow out of its skin;
An unwelcome guest
And the scariest pest.
What should I do?
If only I knew!
This thing looked satanic -
I decided to panic.
Grabbing a broomstick,
Like a lunatic,
I whacked at the thing
Hoping to bring
It down.
What a clown!
Do you think it was bothered?
Was it scared being clobbered?
It was probably sneering
At my useless spearing.
Moving rather slowly
It disappeared wholly
Into the insulation
To enjoy its vacation.
So now I am tense;
Have I no sense?
Even more now I'm dreading
The annual shedding
Of the long black snake
Who may avenge my mistake.
How long do snakes live?
Do they ever forgive?

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