The Mind that Cannot See

There is a mind that cannot see
Once the eyes are closed.
Visualization cannot be
If pictures are never composed.

Where the world remains black as ink
The darkness can stifle thoughts;
Not only is it hard to think,
But feelings get tied up in knots.

I speak from experience –
I have this kind of brain.
It blocks my creative sense
Held hostage by lock and chain.

I believe in a door that when opened
Will set free the ability
To see whatever is spoken,
If only temporarily.

By writing and painting and playing,
Working puzzles, singing songs and more,
My brain shall begin displaying
Imagination’s delights galore.

(I believe it can be done!
This is the purpose of all my fun.)

I will knock on that door daily
Just as the Good Lord said,
“Knock and it shall be opened,”
Not with hand, but with heart instead.

And if in the end I fail,
I will still be glad I tried.
My spirit will still prevail
Because the joy is in the ride.

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