Discovering the story behind the Creator has given me a wonderful new perspective on life. Life was meant to be forever. We are meant to learn and grow – to live as we choose…forever. However, everlasting life is a promise, not a current reality. But since I believe the promise, I see my life as a foundation for an eternal future.
People say “you can’t take it with you,” meaning we leave behind all that we have when we die. That is only true of physical things. All that I have learned and developed will remain in me. Also, the basic elements of life are eternal, like beauty, curiosity, humor, and desires.
Living forever used to be a very vague idea for me. Now it is very real and “down to earth.” Now each day is an opportunity to discover the complexity of Life and to embrace the beauty of it all.
In this blog I celebrate the opportunity to share the life I love and the things I’m learning.

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