I Sang for You

This is about missing my children, especially when they were little enough to need bedtime songs. However, I feel this poem could speak to many situations where a loved one is missed, so I hope it speaks comfort to your heart in a special way.

Why am I so  lost
Where did I go wrong
Where is all my spark
Where are all my songs?

Why does it look dark
Inside every room
As if I cannot see
As if I live in gloom?

I think I have a song
It must be hidden well
Locked behind a door
That only dreams can tell.

If I go back in time
To when I was with you
My fire was burning bright
So You, then, are my clue.

My songs were not for me
I sang them all for you;
My ambition knew no end
For to you I would be true.

The course of life did tell
That someday you would grow
your wings and fly away
I thought I could let go.

Let go I did – still do
But did not expect to face
This emptiness inside –
Nothing can take your place.

Memories are so sweet
Oh the happiness they impart!
Thank you for the songs
Recorded in my heart.

I still don’t know what’s next
Even after all this time
But I think I hear a melody
Yes, I feel it in this rhyme.

What I Prize

More and more I avoid the new;
Less and less do I have a clue
How to do what I’ve not done before –
Problem solving has become a chore.
Let me stay in familiar territory
Where I know the people and the story.
This is where my happiness lies:
What I already know is what I prize.


It takes Courage
    to be yourself
It takes Humbleness
     to laugh at yourself
Mostly though, 
It takes Security
     to know you are loved
     and worthy of love

I admire people
     who don’t pretend
     even when it’s awkward
I admire people
     who can laugh at themselves
     yet still love their uniqueness
I’m inspired by people
     who have a calm way
     of being happy with themselves

For No Reason

I sometimes go through a season
When I'm unhappy for no reason.
I ignore my chores
And shop at stores
Just to get out of doors,
But for me there ain't no pleasin!

I retreat into my mind
Where I look but do not find
The cure for what is wrong;
Not even a song.
Oh the hours are long
While I'm deaf, dumb and blind!

False Introverts

I wrote this after hearing three extroverts claim they were really introverts 
(not all on the same day). It's written on a whim and is a bit of a stab at all
extroverts, which isn't very nice, so I apologize for that. But the general idea
of an extrovert claiming to actually be an introvert is so amusing (and unbelievable)
to me that I wrote this poem.

Let me tell you something
Extroverts are so
They are jealous of the
So they tell you
“I’m an Introvert, really.”
That way they have 
All things delicious:
The party-goers laughs
And the loners best wishes.
And just to make it all 
They convince themselves


“It’s Now or Never” is not just a song;
It’s also my motto all the day long.
“Out of sight, Out of mind” is an expression
I use every day to fuel this obsession.
If ever Accomplishment is my desire,
I must “Hop to it!” – I must not tire
Of urging my body and mind into action
For quick results and sweet satisfaction.

Calendar and Earth Agree – It’s Spring

I like living in a place

Where Spring happens when it should;

Where daffodils pop out to grace

A barren landscape of dead wood.

When soft new needles of the Larch

Gently sing “warm weather soon”

It’s eager branches bloom in March,

Not waiting until May or June.

Snowdrops, crocus, hyacinth

Shine like the morning sunrise,

Freeing me from the labyrinth

Of Winter’s dull demise.