Learning to paint with watercolors

I love water! I love the clarity, fluidity, and power that water has to move things and change things. When I paint, it is so intriguing because I never really know what to expect. Here are some of my first attempts with a basic Crayola set. I also used some watercolor pencils. I have to say that when using the crayola paints, I didn’t like the way the color would spread out so far from where my paintbrush touched the paper. After I painted these pictures, my son gave me some higher quality brushes, and that made a big difference. So really, the problem was with the brush and not the paint. I have so much to learn! I want to mention that the picture that says “I (heart) my cat” is one I copied off my cup of tea.

Glitter Paints

First I painted the flowers. Then I highlighted them using glitter watercolor paints. Have you ever noticed how real flower petals shimmer like they are covered in glitter? Try looking closely at any flower petal in the right light and I bet you’ll see beautiful glittery shimmers! I love how these paints add that magical look.