I Sang for You

This is about missing my children, especially when they were little enough to need bedtime songs. However, I feel this poem could speak to many situations where a loved one is missed, so I hope it speaks comfort to your heart in a special way.

Why am I so  lost
Where did I go wrong
Where is all my spark
Where are all my songs?

Why does it look dark
Inside every room
As if I cannot see
As if I live in gloom?

I think I have a song
It must be hidden well
Locked behind a door
That only dreams can tell.

If I go back in time
To when I was with you
My fire was burning bright
So You, then, are my clue.

My songs were not for me
I sang them all for you;
My ambition knew no end
For to you I would be true.

The course of life did tell
That someday you would grow
your wings and fly away
I thought I could let go.

Let go I did – still do
But did not expect to face
This emptiness inside –
Nothing can take your place.

Memories are so sweet
Oh the happiness they impart!
Thank you for the songs
Recorded in my heart.

I still don’t know what’s next
Even after all this time
But I think I hear a melody
Yes, I feel it in this rhyme.