A warm welcome to you 😊 
Thank you to my followers and viewers. I am so glad you decided to drop by here!
I opened this blog at a very busy time in my life. As the pace slows down, I will be 
learning and improving. I have so much to learn, so many wordpress tutorials to 
watch, as well as lots of trial and error to go through. 

I started this blog as a way to find friends who can share my joys and delights. 
Strangely, I have found it easy to find people who understand my struggles and 
unhappy feelings, but difficult to find people who can relate to my joys and happy stories. 

The joy of life is sweetest when shared with an understanding soul. I’m hoping to find many such souls through this blog.

It’s like I have a lovely candle, and You bring the light that makes it shine.

I need your smiles! Sometimes I will need your empathy too, but this blog is mainly about sharing joyful pursuits. If I voice my struggles along the way, don’t worry about me. I won’t pretend to be happy about difficulties, but I am willing to suffer some frustration when I believe there will be a satisfactory ending, (like making lots of disappointing art while learning how to sketch something beautiful). 

Happy Days are Ahead….

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